HP ProLiant servers will show up no bootable disk during the boot

February 25, 2017 . by techxtyle

Some of the HP Proliant gen 9 servers will show up “no bootable disks” during the boot. Normally if your server is production critical this will have big impact since the server was running well before reboot, and after the reboot suddenly showing :no bootable disk found”. To fix this we ned disable user partition…


How to upgrade iLO firmware of HP servers

October 23, 2016 . by techxtyle

In this post , we will see on how to upgrade the iLO firmware on HP servers. We will need to upgrade iLO firmware on different purposes, for example to improve bug fixes, improve server stability, etc.. step 1 : Login to iLO web page using either IP address or DNS name. Step2 : Provide…