How to access selfie cam quickly in iPhone

May 13, 2017 . by techxtyle

While your phone is locked, you may find it difficult to access your camera specially selfie camera very quickly. You can follow below steps to access it very fast. Swipe your finger from botom of the screen. (You can do it in the locked screen as well) 2. Hard press on the camera icon. (3D…


How to use Siri to find photos based on objects in photos

February 19, 2017 . by techxtyle

One of the cool features in IOS 10 is, we can search for photos based on an objects using Siri. For example if you want to see all photos where those have water in your camera roll, you can use Siri to fetch only photos having water in it. Even you can search for photos…


How to move photos from your iPhone to another iPhone quickly

November 27, 2016 . by techxtyle

Normally when we need to transfer photos from one iPhone to another iPhone, we used to send it via email or copy to mac/pc and copy again to the other iphone, etc.. You do not have to do this anymore. There is a cool feature in iOS called Airdrop which, many of us not aware…


How to disable “Press home button to unlock” in iOS 10

November 24, 2016 . by techxtyle

Sometimes we will find out it’s is very difficult to unlock our iPhone when we need to press the home button twice to unlock it. You will see on top of the screen, it says as unlocked but you will not be able to navigate to home screen until you press the home button again.If you…