How to upgrade iLO firmware of HP servers


In this post , we will see on how to upgrade the iLO firmware on HP servers. We will need to upgrade iLO firmware on different purposes, for example to improve bug fixes, improve server stability, etc..

step 1 : Login to iLO web page using either IP address or DNS name.


Step2 : Provide the user name and password and then press “log in”

Step 3 : At left side, select “Administration” and then select “Firmware”

Step 4 : Download the firmware at

Step 5 : Under the file, press “browse” button and locate the firmware file you download in step 4.


Step 6 : It will take few minutes to flash the iLO firmware, once completed the iLO page will be automatically signed out and it will prompt you the login again.

Step 7 : Once completed you can verify the iLO firmware under “information” in the iLO main page.