How to move photos from your iPhone to another iPhone quickly


Normally when we need to transfer photos from one iPhone to another iPhone, we used to send it via email or copy to mac/pc and copy again to the other iphone, etc.. You do not have to do this anymore. There is a cool feature in iOS called Airdrop which, many of us not aware about. You can quickly send your photos and videos from one iPhone to another easily. This will be very useful when you need to share some photos with your friends who use iPhones. You can follow below simple steps to share/move photos,

Step 1 : Open Photos app select “select”


Step 2 : Select the photos you want to share


Step 3 : Press the share button at left bottom corner as shown below


Step 4 : Touch the Airdrop icon as shown below


Step 4 : Go to the other phone, at the home screen swipe your finger from bottom to top to open the control center. Select airdrop icon and at the next screen press Eveyone so that you can see other iphone. If you already have other iPhone contact saved in your contacts, you can select “contacts only” option.

Step 5 : At the other iPhone (in which your photos exist currently) you will see the contact as shown below. Just select the contact. (make sure you selected the correct contact)

Step 6 :  There will be an notification on the other phone for incoming connection. Just select accept and all the photos will be copied to the new iPhone. Cheers !