How to export photos from your Photos app in Mac to a folder


When we using photos app to sync up our photos from iphone, we can import and create albums from the app easily. But you might be wondering how we can save these photos to a different folder in our mac, so that you can keep a copy for later use or may be for later sharing purpose via usb drive or any other way. You can go through below steps to export your photos from the app to a folder in “finder” app.

Step1 : Connect your iphone to mac and import the photos that you wanted. Importing photos is straight forward, once you connect your phone, “Photos” app will open automatically and it will display all of your photos. Select the photos you want to import and press “import selected” button on the top right corner of the app.

Step 2: Once photos are imported, select all the photos you want to export, in the app.


Step3 : Select File under menu and select export. Select the export settings that you prefer as shown below. Eg: Photo quality, format, size , etc.


Step 4 : Press “Export button”. It will forward you to select the place to save the photos in the mac as shown below.


Step 5 : As shown above select the folder to save your photos and press “export” button.

Alternatively you can also just drag and drop the photos from the app to any folder in “finder” app if you do not need to set any photo settings described in step 3. Cheers !