How to backup photos & videos in your iPhone with “Google Photos”


One of the biggest problems of us when using smart phones is the storage. We are running out of storage space very fast with photos and videos. Also we don’t have enough storage space and method to back up our photos as well. We can use google photos app in iPhone to back up our photos easily. If you are willing to compress your photo size while keeping the quality , almost you will have unlimited storage to back up your photos and videos. You can follow below steps to backup your photos and videos in your iPhone.

1. Download “google photos” app from App Store

2. In order to access the app , you need to have a gmail account. If you don’t have one currently, you can easily create one at

3. Open the google photos app and add your gmail account

4. At the front page press and hold on a photo that you want to back up and then you can select multiple photos.

5. Press the three dots in top right corner and select backup. This will back up the photos you selected.

6. Make sure you have selected “High Quality (free unlimited storage) ” option under settings > backup and sync to enjoy free unlimited storage.