How to add additional finger prints to your iPhone


As we are using the iPhone for day to day needs, finger print based lock/unlock helps a lot when needed to unlock the phone. Most of the users are adding a finger print, during the iPhone setup for first time and then use only that finger print. By the time you will find it very difficult to unlock your iPhone with only one finger due to day to day other tasks. You can add an additional finger print to your iPhone easily by following below steps.

Step 1 : Go to “Settings” of your iPhone

Step 2 : Select “Touch ID & Passcode”


Step 3 : Enter the passcode that you already configured.



Step 4 : Select “Add a Fingerprint”



Step 5 : Next it will prompt you keep the finger to scan and detect the prints in many angles. Just complete the process as it guides. Thats it, you can test your new finger print added by locking/unlocking your iPhone. Cheers !