How to configure ‘Hot Corners” in Mac

November 20, 2016 . by techxtyle

One of the cool features in Mac is Hot Corners. You can take your mouse pointer to any of the corners in you mac and you can setup to perform any task, such as put display to sleep, start screen saver, Open Mission control, etc. You can setup hot corners by following below steps, Step…


How to export photos from your Photos app in Mac to a folder

November 12, 2016 . by techxtyle

When we using photos app to sync up our photos from iphone, we can import and create albums from the app easily. But you might be wondering how we can save these photos to a different folder in our mac, so that you can keep a copy for later use or may be for later…


How to manually install fonts in your Mac

October 10, 2016 . by techxtyle

You can follow below steps to manually install fonts in to your mac. Download your desired font from the internet and save it your local mac drive. Open finder -> Go to applications folder Find “Font book” and open it. 4. Select File in menu bar –> Select “Add Fonts” , browse to the folder…